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All Video Sessions 01-21 OUT NOW!

We will guide you through every step of the way. Whether you’re just starting out or expanding your business, sessions 01-07 will take you through different product types, deal structures, and how to pitch developers for new projects.

With a solid foundation, it’s time to start framing your business. From identifying your target demographic, mastering developer contracts, and building a strategic team for effective conversion rates, sessions 08-14 will take your project to the next level.

Now that your business and project is built for success, it’s time to sell. By understanding value creation, dynamic strategies, and elevating the real estate experience, sessions 15-21 gives you the competitive edge to become a leader in your market.


(21 Video Modules)

01 / Fundamentals of a New Dev Pitch
02 / New Dev Product Types
03 / Everything Commissions, Fees, and Draws
04 / Design Development Advisory
05 / Maximizing the Broker Network
06 / Metrics of Multi-Unit Selling
07 / Market Resonance and Creating Urgency
08 / Identifying the Target Demographic
09 / Creating the Narrative & Storytelling
10 / Mastering RFPs from Both Sides
11 / The Marketing Collateral Suite
12 / RPA vs. PSA
13 / Building the Dream Team
14 / The Science of Reporting
15 / The Value Of Services & Amenities
16 / Urban Market & Resort Trends
17 / Fannie Mae & New Construction Financing
18 / Pricing & Inventory Strategy Release
19 / An Immersive Sales Gallery Experience
20 / Everything About Marketing Budgets
21 / Boot Camp



  • THE NOVICE KIT - MODULES 1-7  ($1,400 Value)
  • THE APPRENTICE KIT - MODULES 8-14 ($3,500 Value)
  • THE EXPERT KIT - MODULES 15-21 ($7,999 Value)

What People Are Saying:

Understanding new development is a really tough niche in this business. The Assembly that Hana created is amazing. She’s sharing specific experiences both on a small and large, International scale, and the amount of knowledge is incredible. If somebody came to me to pitch for my development projects, I would feel more comfortable if they took this program to know the basic foundation to deploy specific tools. New development sales is a very niche market… You need to understand the process and the tools needed to successfully work with the client towards their business goals, and to make sure that the project is a success.

Stephen Jordan, Principal, Blue Horseshoe Development

Hana has completely altered the trajectory of my career. In 2018, I wanted to expand my real estate services to include new development marketing and sales as a vertically-integrated offering along with traditional single-family residential services. Working with Hana, I have successfully closed over $150M in new development sales and continue to have a strong pipeline of development business that would not exist without her influence. Her execution and professionalism is unparalleled.

Daniel Stevenson, Estates Agent, The Agency